Pain pimple between testicles and anus ?

I have this paniful bump between my tecticles and what could it be?

The best way to diagnose the bump is being examined by your doctor’s examination or sometimes the biopsy or the ultrasound. If it is located near anus, there are a few possibilities for anal lumps, these could be hemorrhoids, anal polyps or condylomas and also the anal abscess.
An anorectal anal abscess often starts when a blocked anal gland gets infected and forms a pocket of pus in the tissue near the anus. It may also develop when an becomes infected or may be caused by ongoing diseases, such as . There are a few symptoms you might experience if you have the abscess and these are pain around the anus, painful and bloody stools, drainage of pus from the anus.
The other possibility is that you have the external hemorrhoids which could be also very painful. When you have hemorrhoids, you may be able to feel a painful or painless lump of soft tissue outside of your anus. In this case, home treatment may be all that is needed to relieve the discomfort of minor hemorrhoids.

I thought I'd give your little friend a name!!!
It sounds to me that you could have a peri-anal cyst. It can be more painful on somedays when it swells up and you can get a rash that surrounds it, it can get quite painful.
Go to your doctor n' get your nuts out, your doc should then write a letter of referral to a general or colo-rectal surgeon at your local . You may have a long wait in front of you, but fingers crossed not!
Once you've seen the surgeon he may prescribe you some drugs or advise surgery to get to the bottom of it all. They will be looking for an in your body somewhere which is causing this bump (the bump is the end of a tube where the infection is trying to get out) Your body is very clever but blimey it can be a pain sometimes. The infection could be absolutely anywhere, it may be something small but then again it may not be, so don't delay and get to your GP asap!!!
Good luck

I've developed one of these and it is really painful at times, like now which has prompted me to look on the net for info about it, I've been to my GP last week and I have a 9 week wait until I get seen by a colo-rectal surgeon at the hospital. It started about 2 weeks ago and has gradually got bigger, it now sometimes feels about the size of a squashed golf ball in an irregular shape; the largest oval part of it is going onto my right buttock, just at the top of my inside , and another smaller oval part goes towards my testicals. I have a kind of spot between my anus and testicals where puss and blood comes out when the pressure has built up. I just walked out of a job about the time when this started (nothing to do with it though), with the hope to find another job in a week or 2, but feeling like I am now I don't think I'd be able to sit through an .

i have a bur pimple and it hurts like hell what do i do?

whenever i get a pimple between my anus and , i enjoy warming a pot of vaseline and delicately pressing a cloth saturated with this mixture against the intruder. this opens the way to easy, and of course, pleasurable popping of the anus-vaginal pimple.

I just left my Family Dr today with the same problem. He just pierced it with a scaple and used medical tweezers to get most of the pus out. He told me that eventually it would have surfaced and broke the skin on its own, however I was in a lot of pain and thankfully got it taken care of without being put on a wait list. He said that there could be other problems as well and took a swab of the pus to be sent for testing. He also put me on an antibiotic and vicodin to help with the pain. None the less your better off getting it checked out as embarassing as it is. Good Luck.